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Data protection declaration
Kabila takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We design our data processing systems intending to collect, processing and use only as many personal data as is necessary to enable the rational and economically efficient use of our products and services.

You can find out below when this data is stored as you use our website and how we use this data. We have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure that we comply with data protection regulations.

Personal data
Personal data is information that can be used to ascertain your identity. This includes your name and address details, for example. It does not include information that cannot be directly associated with particular persons.

Our website can generally be used without requiring you to disclose your identity. If you wish to participate in one of our personalized services, you will be asked separately to provide the data that is necessary for the provision of that service. It is entirely up to you to choose to participate in these services and to give us the necessary data.
We store your details on specially protected servers in Europe. Only the necessary number of specially authorized persons has access to these servers. These persons are involved in the technical, commercial or editorial supervision of the servers.

In conjunction with your access to our website, data which may enable identification is stored on our server for backup purposes – for example, IP address, date, time, pages visited. However, we do not use this data in any personalized way.
For the evaluation and continuous improvement of the quality of our website, we carry out statistical analyses of access to our web pages. In some cases, this also involves the use of counter graphics that appear on some pages of our site. However, the data obtained in this way is strictly anonymous and does not enable any inference of the user’s personal data.

Your data is never used to create user profiles – of whatever kind.

Passing on personal data to third parties
As a rule, we do not pass on personal data to third parties. In particular, we do not forward data to third parties for promotional purposes.

In so far as you use personalized services, however, it may be necessary to collect personal data and pass this on to third parties to implement and handle the provision of the service. This data shall be stored and forwarded only to the extent required to process your order. To this end, you are required to submit an express declaration of consent when you fill out the respective order form. Moreover, third parties to whom your data is forwarded in the context of order processing are also bound by the statutory regulations for the treatment of personal data.
In so far as we are under obligation by law or by court order to do so, we shall forward data to the respective agencies that are entitled to receive this information.

The information we collect from you is strictly technical so it will help us determine your IP address, the network connection you are using, the browser you use most often, or the native language you speak. We never collect identifiable information from you so you must know that you are completely safe while browsing our website. However, there are times when you provide us with personal information like the email address or phone number but that is only when you require our help in a certain matter by filling a contact form available on our home page. In case you fill that form, you are requesting our assistance and we must use the personal information to get back to you and offer an answer. Other than that, we never process the information in order to find your location.

The purpose of collecting information
The reason why we collect the technical information from you is to use it to improve our browser and to offer you higher quality services. Thanks to the data we receive from you, we can determine which is the most popular internet browser and how we can improve our traffic, we can discover which are the languages our visitors prefer, and we can find ways to enlarge our domain. We don’t, under any circumstances, collect the information to use it for personal purposes or to locate any of our visitors.

Some words about cookies
Cookies represent the method we rely on to gather the required information from you.Best website and that collect the specific information. In case you don’t agree with using cookies and you don’t want them to be downloaded, you can change the settings of your browser and prevent it from using cookies. In this case, we must warn you that some features might not work properly. Considering that cookies are extremely safe and do not represent a threat to the privacy of your personal information, we advise you to accept using them.

Contact forms
To improve our products and services and to facilitate the shipment of goods, you are given the option of answering questions relating to our products via the contact forms. You are under no obligation to answer the questions. You may also send us your inquiry and obtain our products and services without providing additional information on the forms. The data you supply will be used to improve the services we offer you and is stored together with your personal data. We store only the data you voluntarily provide us with and do not pass this information on to third parties.

Right to cancel
If you have sent us personal data, you may instruct us to delete it at any time. Data held for billing and accounting purposes shall not be affected by cancellation or by a request for deletion.

Persons under 18 years of age should not send any personal data to us without the permission of their parents or guardians. We do not require any personal data from minors, do not collect such data and do not forward such data to third parties.

Links to other websites
In so far as our website contains links to the offerings of other service providers, we cannot guarantee that these third-party websites will comply with legal provisions. Nor do we accept any liability for their failure to do so. Please consult providers’ data protection declarations at the respective websites to find out what data protection standards are applicable in each case.

Content disclaimer
Our methods of protecting your personal data are bank-level secure and guarantee that none of your information will be passed on to a third party. We do our best to offer you a safe and comfortable browsing experience that will help you find all the details you need in order to choose the best robot vacuum.
Given the fact that our website relies on an internet network, chances are it might encounter errors that could worsen your browsing and slow down your research. Fixing these system errors is out of our lead although, we put all our efforts into finding a fast solution.
How you process and use the information we offer you is not of our concern and does not affect us in any way as our sole purpose is to offer you specific details on various robot vacuum brands. Your further decisions of purchasing a certain item are your own responsibility.